The conch shell – its significance

In India the Conch Shell represents the five great elements – Earth, Water, Fire,
source of all existence, a cosmic womb. In Indian mythology, when the God Vishnu
of the Vedas. Today in India the conch shell is blown at the beginning of the
environment. Vishnu’s conch is also the symbol of Dharma, the cosmic law

Air, Space and is known as The Panchajanya. The Conch is understood as the
blew through the conch, the primordial sound Aum emanated taking the form
sacred rituals as its vibrations are said to dispel negative energy and purify the
behind all creation.

Online Body Assessment

Ayurvedic body-type self-assessment.

Circle which of the following three options for each body-type characteristic most accurately describes you. You will end up with a score out of 15 for each of the three doshas - Vata,Pitta and Kapha. Note: you may circle more than one option.

Vata Dosha Pitta Dosha Kapha Dosha
* thin
* medium * heavy
* dry
* soft, straight * thick, oily
* irregular
* yellow * big, white, strong
* variable
* strong, excessive * slow, steady
* dry, rough
* fair, sunburn easily * thick, oily
* scanty
* profuse * moderate
* constipated easily
* soft, loose * slow, heavy bowel habit
Physical Activity.
* very active
* moderate * lethargic
Sex Drive.
* variable
* strong * steady
* restless, “spacey” at times
* analytical, methodical * stable
* speak quickly, talkative
* concise, intense * slow, cautious
Personality traits.
* sensitive, highly strung
* strong, forceful * patient, quiet
Emotional temperament.
* fearful, anxious
* irritable, fiery * calm, easy going
* like spontaneity
* plan and organise well * enjoy habits
Climate Preference.
* warm, humid
* cold * warm, dry
* forgetful
* sharp * slow but prolonged
* low
* medium * strong
* fearful, lots of movement
* violent, energetic * watery, romantic
* light, difficulty falling asleep
* sound * heavy, prolonged
* spend quickly
* moderate * good money saver
Tally up the scores out of twenty for Vata, Pitta and Kapha. A person with a predominant Vata body-type might score Vata 15, Pitta 7 and Kapha 8. It also happens that the scores might be evenly spread between two doshas, for example you might score Vata 12, Pitta 11 and Kapha 6. This is what we call a bi-doshic body-type. It is important to remember that everyone has all three doshas in their bodymind make-up and that no one is a hundred per cent of any one dosha.